Art should be touched.

Art should be touched.

Handcrafted art dolls by Danita Art, complete with beautiful bright eyes, handmade clothes and soulful gazes will be up for adoption on 3/9/2016

I have been working non stop on my dolls lately. Once again I was overtaken by the irresistible desire to create, to use my hands to make something I can touch and play with it.

The power I feel when my hands create little characters that come to life as I move their hands and tilt their heads from side to side is an incredible feeling, being overtaken by creation is an amazing experience.

The result of my sleepless nights is here, ready to go out into the world. Just like the bird mother is ready to let her chicks extend their wings and let them fly for the first time, I feel the same fear and excitement when I show my dolls to the world for the first time.

At midnight, on 3/9/2016, They will be looking for a new forever home where they will be loved and treasured. Please be kind to them. Their are just born into this world and their hearts are full of the innocence and love that rules at Danitaland.


Renata, the art doll by Danita Art has beautiful and expressive eyes, hand painted face and a hand crafted fabric body and clothes.


She is a very innocent girl who loves to read and spends her time on a fantasy world where she plays with fluffy bunnies, friendly foxes and majestic unicorns.


Rose, the queen will rule over your heart with her expressive hand painted eyes, her commanding pose and her royal crown and handmade gown. She is a one of a kind art doll created by the talented hands of mixed media artist Danita Art

Queen Rose

She will rule your heart with her astonishing eyes, her commanding gaze and her royal handmade gown. And just in case her prescience is not enough, her paper crown will convince you she truly is the queen of hearts.

Anastasia, the adventurer and exporter of fantasy worlds will mesmerize you with her big bright eyes and her soft body, all crafted by the amazing hands of Danita Art, mixed media artist.


She is sweet soul and a fierce explorer. Just like Renata, she spends her time in books, but instead of cute fluffy animals, she sails with pirates, explores the deepest jungles and fights evil wizards in search for the most fantastic treasures you could imagine.


 Marielena is a punk rocker girl, she owns the key to her own heart and will be always free. She is a handmade art doll created by the talented hands of Danita Art, mixed media artist.


Marielena is a punk rocker. She is kind and compassionate and will help if she can, but she is also strong and independent, determined liv to the fullest and in her own terms. No one owns her heart but her, and she will not give the key away until everything that has to be done and seen has been done and seen.

I really hope you liked my latest girls, I feel very proud of each of them and will love to see them go to a loving home once they are for adoption on 9/3/16, Here on my website,



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These are one of the most beautiful dolls I have ever seen! You continue to blow my mind with your talent. Just love your work so much! I received your ring and bracelet I purchased all the way over her in Australia. Thank you so much, they both are more beautiful in real life!


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