Prima Marketing Watercolor Products. Watersoluble Oil Pastels Review

Prima Marketing Watercolor Products. Watersoluble Oil Pastels Review

The other day I was thinking about sharing reviews of many of my art supplies with you, specially the watercolor ones because I usually go through a process every time that I get new stuff which consists on taking everything out and make color swatches on a journal.
I like to do that, specially with watercolor products because they tend to look very differently in the palette than they do on paper and it's super useful to have that info on hand and try them out so you can make better and informed choices when you are going to make an art piece.
Also because there are so many products out there is so hard to choose which ones to get and how and when to use them.
I think the guys at Prima Marketing were reading my mind because I got an email from a very kind lady (that's you Sharon!), asking me if I'd like to get some samples of their new watercolor line for me to try out.  And of course I said yes!  I had seen the products at the CHA show but I didn't have the chance to play with them. 


When the products arrived I was super excited.  They sent me Watersoluble Oil Pastels, Watercolor pencils, Watercolor pan sets, Watercolor Brush pens, watercolor pads and canvas. I also got a Mixed Media Essentials set and some brushes.  It felt like Christmas!  

I immediately started unpacking everything.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels
Prima watercolor pencils
Prima marketing watercolor brushes
Prima marketing watercolor paper
Prima marketing watercolor confections
primal gels
The product that first got my attention was the Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
What?  Water Soluble Oils? Yes. That was exactly my reaction.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
This set contains 24 yummy colors.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
I took one of the Watercolor pads and the brush pens and got to work. I had to try them out.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
The colors, as I said, are yummy.  The consistency is very creamy and they're very saturated.  They're very easy to apply, they have a buttery consistency.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
I loved them even before I added water.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
But when you add water the magic begins.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
And you can also blend them directly on the paper and just add water.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
I think they can also be used as watercolor pans, taking the pigment right out of the crayon and paint with it. But applying them to the paper is so nice I wouldn't like to miss that sensation.
Prima Water Soluble Oil Pastels.
There are some colors that are easier to dissolve than others, but it only adds to the charm.  I think I'll have to stay a little bit late today to keep playing with them.
prima watersoluble oil pastels
One word of caution. These contain oil, so you have to use a thick and resistant watercolor paper or they will bleed.
I used the Prima Watercolor Paper which I'm guessing is 90 lb. and it bled right through it.  When I used them on a 140 lb paper they did not bleed. I didn't have that problem with any other of the products so I'm assuming this happened because they are oil pastels.
back of the paper bleeding
So, if you're using a paper pad it will be best for you to remove the sheet of watercolor paper from the pad when you work so the next page won't get stained.
Scanned water soluble oil pastels by prima
Here's my color chart after it dried. I scanned to look as close as possible to the original.
Prima Marketing Water Soluble Oil Pastels Box

Highly pigmented, easy to apply, smooth consistency, easy to blend, very affordable, a little bit goes a long way, portable.
I can't find info about their lightfastness. As much as my kids begged me to let them play with them, they have a warning saying they're not for kids under 14, which may or may not be an issue for you if you're keeping them all to yourself (like I am!).
(Lightfastness is a property of a pigment or paint that describes how resistant to fading it is when exposed to light. Light striking a painted surface can alter or break the chemical bonds of the pigment, causing the colors to bleach or change, in a process known as photodegradation.)
In conclusion...  I love them! I would definitely be using them a lot on my art journal and personal pieces as soon as I find out how lightfast they are.
And if they're are they will definitely be part of my art pieces for sale!
I'll be reviewing the rest of the watercolor sets in the future. Stay tuned!
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Watersoluble Oil Pastels
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Did you find out if the prima water-soluble oil pastels are lightfast?

Esther Ferrara

Thanks for this great review. I’m anxious to try them now. Please report back when you find out how lightfast they are.

theresa Forge

Very useful information…thank you Danita.


Thanks – these look really lush- I would love to try them – I love watercolour and any all watercolour media!

kathleen codyrachel

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