The New 2015 Calendars are here!




Finally! This time it took me a little longer to get my 2015 calendars ready, but they are here for your enjoyment :) Choose between the ACEO trading cards with my favorite paintings for 2015, or the Frida calendar with my favorite image of Frida, the great Mexican artists.

Both calendars feature bright and sharp reproductions of my mixed media paintings on a tiny format that fits on any desk. 12 illustration, one for each month will decorate your favorite space and will keep your desk or workspace with something beautiful to look at every day of the year. Perfect for cube dwellers!

All my calendars are printed in high quality matte paper and fade proof inks to keep your calendars nice all year long. And then after printing, everything is protected by a varnish coat of the love and magic of Danita Land, just to help you get trough those long office days.

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