The slow life VS the fast one.

I just went to a couple of stores looking for some supplies and what I saw left me speechless: They already have the Christmas stuff on clearance. I mean... it's not even the 12th yet and they're already taking the stuff out and preparing for whatever is next.  I remember the times when we used to enjoy the Holidays and not just rush through them.


The days when you felt Halloween like Halloween and Christmas like Christmas. When people prepare for each one like it was special and not just to skip right through the next one and then the other one or not even caring at all.  I enjoy a lot go and look at the houses decorated specially for the Holidays. I enjoy going to the stores and see all the Christmas-related stuff. I don't want that to be taken away.


I don't want to go to the stores on July and see Christmas decorations as much as I don't want to go now and see them removed! I don't know about you but I miss the old times a lot. I feel that this life is getting too rushed, too fast and too stressful. Even the kids don't enjoy them as we used to. And that's because we as adults are rushing through life, so they learn to do just that.  Somebody told me I was already too late making Holiday-related paintings, I told them I'm just on time.


The Christmas Holidays are now, not on July. Winter is now, not 3 months ago.  Let's enjoy the present and try to slow down a bit, even if just for these days.... Let's enjoy the Season like kids again.


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I totally agree, it is just the same here in Denmark, and i think it is a poor way to live, my children will never the disney show as i did, when it was shown on christmas day, because they can see it every day, the never get that joy of expectation! I miss the past too!

Helle Brix Larsen

I am with you on enjoying the holidays as and when they are supposed to be!!
Merry, merry Christmas to you and yours, Danita!


You’re right. In France and particularly in southern France, in Provence, we use to set up a crib (with little earth figurines representing Nativity) early december till “Chanteleur” which is on February 2nd, a day where we eat “crepes” (thin pancakes).


it IS crazy how our society has to push us to rush through life. love your new paintings… they are all terrific – think I like the babushka girls pulling her tree cart through the woods best.


Totally Totally agree! They’re all beautiful, I can’t choose my favorite : )


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