A beautiful Christmas gift

Early this month a dear customer and friend approached me with an idea for a Christmas gift idea for her daughter. She wanted to create a very special surprise to open on Christmas day and I created a very special doll for her: A butterfly fairy!


She told me that her daughter believes in faeries, and that she would love to have a doll that reminded her that faeries really exist and that one will be living in her room keeping her company and being her friend.


While I was working on the doll it got me thinking, my own daughter is growing up very fast and soon there will be no more letters to Santa from her, so I decided to cherish what will be one of her last letters this year. I sat down with both my kids to write the letters, drew pictures on them and got them ready for them to go to the north pole. They even asked me if I could post them using registered mail so they make extra sure that they arrive in time.


I couldn't help but smile when they took their envelops to the mailbox and their faces were full with excitement and expectation. They reminded me that we should live the moment like they did, full of joy on everything we do.



I kept the letters, of course. They will remind them one day that it's OK to believe in impossible things, because we must keep our sense of wonder and imagination alive. That way even when we get older, we never grow up.

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She is wonderful Danita!


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