The fox and the bunny are sleeping now... Merry Christmas!

Danita Art handmade Snow Globes

After all the rush for the holidays, now it's time for the bunny and the fox to hibernate and get a well deserved resting holiday.

May the spirit of Christmas and the joy of being next to your loved ones fill your hearts this Christmas eve and on Christmas day. May your table be filled with warm and delicious food on your feast, and may every one you love be close to your heart.

If you have kids at home or visiting you, I hope they get lots of gifts and love from everyone. It always fills me with joy when I see them glow and beaming when they see Santa and how intense is their expectation as they wait for their gifts. It reminds me of how beautiful is to believe anything is possible, and how beautiful our life can be when we have happiness in our hearts.

Have a beautiful and amazing Christmas!


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