A furry visitor at danita art

This Sunday I was happily working on new patterns from my doll when out of the sudden I saw something with the corner of my eye in one of my chests of drawers right in front of my table. I lift my head and I see a tiny pair of eyes and whiskers peeking back at me from one of my stamps drawers: A Mouse!!!

Eeek! After the obligatory loud scream because, seriously, who is expecting to see a mouse peeking from the art supplies? Mr. Fox comes running to see what's going on and I tell him that there's a mouse in the studio.

We closed the door so that it does not escape into the house and he starts moving furniture around to find our furry visitor. That is no small feat here! There's so many knick knacks on shelves and over everything that our friend had time to hide again. We bring our Old English Sheepdog to give a hand to find it and every time she sees it running she's like "Hey Hello Mouse!" but she is really unimpressed with it... so thanks for your help!

Long story short, Mr. Fox found it and we had it cornered so it would not escape. We look into it's cute tiny little face and we are both thinking the same thing... Great, we caught it and we don't have the heart to harm it, so how do get it out safely out of the house?

After some creative placing of cardboard we made a path for it trough the door leading outside, we let it go and saw it ran away out of the studio. I was happy we let it go unharmed, hopefully it has a happy life with an amusing story to tell when it visited my studio and met Danita. I just hope it's mice friends are not too curious now about visiting my studio after hearing how fun it was exploring everything, I really don't want to start Danita's mice school for the arts.

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So funny! I had that happen to me in my kitchen and the poor little mouse was just as frightened of me as I was of him. I scooped him into a paper bag and took him for a long walk away from my house as I didn’t have the heart to do him harm either. Thankfully he didn’t come back to visit again.


See, I knew you could write cute little stories! You should do a painting of this story!!!

Christina Carnoy

Haha! Such a funny story Danita!! :) I wouldn’t have the heart to hurt it either!! I’m glad he left safely — and hope he doesn’t return! :)

Sue Allemand

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