A Million thanks!

The queen of hearts is getting to ready to chop Alice's head while she yells "Off With Her Head!" on this scene created by the talented Danita Art

Thanks a lot for the AMAZING response to my newest dolls. I was a little afraid to show and release them because every time I change something I fear that you will never like anything again and that you will never look at my art (I know, I know, I worry too much sometimes), but they sold out immediately after the newsletter went out. THANK YOU!!!!!


A detail of a beautiful Worderland Red Queen Doll created by Danita Art

The dolls this time were much much elaborated that before. They have much nicer clothes than before and I used more detail and new techniques on the faces and accessories, and if you remember, now I am using cast resin hands and feet to give them a more real look.

Mad Hatter Alice handmade original art doll by Danita Art

dorothy of Oz has a beautiful face and expressive eyes on this lovely doll by Danita Art.

You can see the changes in their eyes and all over appearance, they have more detail everywhere, and they look more alive than ever. I think that the new hands and legs complete the look that I am after now.

A closeup of Dorothy's ruby Slippers and the beautiful herringbone handmade floor created just for this photo shoot by Danita Art.

And also, there's the setting I created for the dolls. I built a dollhouse for them to live and give them a more lively place where to take the pictures and I love it. I has walls with wallpaper, real wood accents and it even has a handmade herringbone real wood floor, with hand cut and distressed planks. I'm going to be furnishing the house in time... I love it, and I really hope you loved it too!

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Thank you for your comments Lauren! We’re practicing woodworking and decorating skills here :)
There will be more Alice in Wonderland dolls coming soon, so keep an eye on the new announcements!


Wow you built that dollhouse? I thought maybe you had purchased a vintage one. It’s a beautiful background to display your dolls! I also love the evolutions of your dollmaking process. I hope one day I will be able to get an Alice doll. All of your versions of her are so interesting and really beautiful. :)


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