Cardboard boxes and the importance of creativity.

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Watching my kids play this week reminded me that creativity and imaginative play is what fuels the soul of every true artist, and playing around to let yourself get started on the creative process is something I encourage a lot on "Mixed Media From The Heart", if you don't allow yourself to be imaginative and playful you can't be a creative soul.

Watching my children play with very simple toys made me realize how much we need creativity in our life.

Earlier during the week, a couple of large shipments arrived to the studio and I took the boxes with me. I put them away planning to store them later and got back to work, looking for ideas on what to do next. I was having a kind of creative block that did not let me do anything and I was feeling frustrated.

Mr. Fox got home and greeted everyone, since I was busy the kids were playing with their ipads and the house was quiet, when out of the sudden I start hearing a tremendous ruckus around the house, lots of laughter and happiness. It turned out that the kids discovered the boxes I left on the hall, and as soon they discovered the empty boxes, the ipads were shunned aside and Mr. Fox and the kids where playing inside them, and it made me very happy to see them playing. They were astronauts and the noise I was hearing was the noise of the rockets lifting off and then orbiting earth, going trough a meteor shower and finally burning up on re-entry before opening their parachutes and landing on the ocean.

Later everything went quiet again and it was because they were in a submarine, the boxes upside down while they explored the bottom of the sea, finding strange creatures on their exploration. And after that, the boxes were on their heads because they were robots and were learning to walk so they were bumping into everything. Later on the box was pushed around with one kid inside and then the other because they were car racers.

My kids are unleashing their creativity while playing with simple things. It made me so proud to see them shun their ipads away in a minute!

Later they took out their legos and started creating a playground with a beach house and a pool, and my son had giant robots that were threatening to destroy the beach so a giant robot fight ensued to protect the beach house.

All that play with simple things got me thinking, and I realized that there is no need for complex things to have fun, and how something so simple but full of possibilities like a plain cardboard box can lead to great things. In the course of an afternoon, they were in outer space, exploring the oceans, racing cars and turning into robots. And all with the power of their imaginations, nothing more that whatever was in their minds was enough to create entire universes of their own, where they control what happens inside it.

Seeing them playing with so much creativity got me inspired and I got back to the studio right away, refreshed with new ideas and things that started popping into my mind, inspired by them. I'll show you later the fruit of that inspiration, because right ow I am busy letting my imaginative side roam around freely. And I hope yours is inspired by this to do the same.

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Couldn’t help but smile…brings back memories of playing with boxes as a child with my sister.

Shayla Sharp

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