The evolution of Sophie And Agatha

As I am getting ready for my upcoming doll making class this May 30th at Studio Crescendoh, I practice by making dolls to getting myself primed and exited to teach you all about doll making on my own style. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you get a glimpse of the process happening when I am going from this

Every one of my dolls starts with a blank face, but a beautiful idea already on my mind.

To this

Then end product after a creative session at Danita Art is always stunningly beautiful

It is indeed a long process that involves lots of technical steps in making the face, painting it, adding the hair, sewing the dresses, and much much more. But what goes on behind the scenes of all that? There's a creative process that also involves a lot of thinking, testing and making creative decisions that goes inside my head, and you don't get to see much of that because everything is happening on my head. Let me show you a little glimpse of what goes on behind the curtains.

Let's start by the fact that I don't make the dolls. The dolls always tell me how they want to be made. I fall into this state of mind where I entangle with my emotions and they become the doll's essence, eager to transcend from my mind to the real world. The moment she is born, she will show my hands how she wants to be created. And that's the reason why my dolls have such expressive faces and emotions. A bit of me exists on them as they are created from my moods and experiences willing to take shape. I never create just because, everything I make has a cause, a memory or an emotion waiting to be.

This art doll had to get many hairstyles tested until Danita was satisfied with how she looked before finishing sculpting her face.

In the beginning, Sophie didn't even know who she wanted to be, so she had me try lots of hairstyles on her until we came to something that suited her.

Finally, Danita and Sophie were in agreement on how this beautiul art dol was going to look like.

Once she was happy with her hairdo, the rest was very easy, because she was very clear in my mind how she was going to look.

Sophie also had to go trough a lot of trying until Danita was satisfied on her dyed wool hair and her necklace.

Agatha proved to be much more of a challenge. Choosing her hairdo and her clothes was very easy, but then there was something missing in her and I could not pinpoint what it was. You would not believe if I tell you that this step had me stuck for days. I just could not get her to look the way I had seen her in my mind.

Sophie also had to go trough a lot of trying until Danita was satisfied on her dyed wool hair and her necklace.

That is the curse of many an artist. We are limited by our materials and our abilities to bring our ideas into fruition. But I presevered, tried and tried until we were satisfied. Once we were happy with the idea of how she wanted to look, I entered in a frenzy of creation. I sewed fabrics, painted eyes and faces, braided and combed hair and then, at 4:00 AM in the morning, they were ready.

These astonishingly beautiful art dolls with sculpted paper clay faces are made by Danita Art.

I am like that. There's a wave of creativity that builds up and I can feel it, building up ideas and the will to create. It grows and grows like the tide and suddenly, it crashes on the beach of my table. And it washes everything else in the world. I can go on for days without eating and sleeping until the waters recede and leave my soul cleansed of whatever emotions created this, I feel free because now they are no longer inside me and I transformed them into something beautiful that will mean something entirely new and happy to the one who adopts them.

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