Belle, because "A Huevo"

Belle is a beautiful girl with green eyes and a lovely face. Handmade by mixed media artist Danita, her lifelike appearance and her amazing expression will charm you as soon as you lay eyes on her after you adopt her from her official store,
Belle is my latest art doll and the beautiful result of my evolution as an artist.
I love change, and I can't stay on the same place for too long or I will just wither out of boredom. That keeps my art in constant evolution and it makes me challenge myself every time, that is a blessing because it allows me to learn more and more things and I love the feeling of dawning when you finally get something.
This beautiful art doll by Danita Art has an amazingly beautiful face, and eyes that are on the brink ot crying. There's a story to tell behind those teary eyes, and you can find out about it when you adopt her from
But then, it's also a curse. The urge to challenge me more and more can lead to days and weeks of frustration when something just does not come out right the way I envision it in my head. Who knows how many doll heads were thrown in anger because I just could not do what I wanted. But I kept on trying. And trying. And trying. My motto in Spanish is "A Huevo", which will roughly translate to "Eff, yeah!" when something is done out of will and determination pretty much sums up the process I went trough.
Belle has handmade clothes that cover the soft handmade muslin body of this amazing paper clay mixed media art doll by Danita
I was determined to get her done. And I did. And she's perfect. In every way. It makes me so proud to be able to complete a project that can take more than just a day or two, because the attention span of this fluffy bunny is just too short. If you've ever read the book "If you give a mouse a cookie", that pretty much sums up everyday life in my studio.
A closeup look on Danita's beautiful art dolls. You can see the detailed lips and freckles that give this doll a lifelike and soulful look.
But this time, I overcame my distractions and focused on one thing. It wasn't easy given the way I am wired, but I did it. I'm so proud of myself!!!!
I hope my little story can inspire you to not give up on your creative efforts. We will face obstacles on our quest to improving our skills and letting our imaginations out of the box. Just keep going until inspiration and perfection find you hard at work.
P.S. Let me know in the comments section if I inspired you! I love to hear back from you!
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I wondered why the word, I thought meant egg was in your title. Now I know what you meant lol Well, you inspired me and I almost didn’t leave a comment until I read your P.S. This girl you created, you should be proud of her ;) <3 Tatiana


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