Back to my first love. New Paintings!

Danita is back to her first love, painting! On this series, you will see how exploring myself again and re-falling in love with doing things can refresh your art.
Those who know me already know I am pretty much like Forrest Gump. (Well, not quite, I'm brighter... I think) The scene where he runs and runs and runs and runs and then he stops pretty much sums up how I work. I started making dolls and switched my paintbrushes and paint jars for needle and thread and made and made and made and made dolls. Until I stopped. And if you ask me why, I'm going to give you the same answer Forrest gave. Because I got tired.
And then I move on to something else. I felt like I needed to paint, so I painted. And I see a change on my work once I got back to it. In the beginning it was hard because in my mind it seemed like I had forgotten how to draw a line, hold a brush and put paint in the canvas. But I kept going, knowing that it was going to come back to me.
It helped a lot that I had a hard date for an upcoming project, so I sat up to create, and create I did. I love the final results. I came back to my roots and chose more surreal themes, with images and symbols that are not apparent when you see the painting at the first time, but once you start looking you find hidden things and meanings in plain sight.
I love that process of discovery and sudden understanding. It's like I share a secret in my heart with you, and even when we're not close, we established a connection because now you know something I only knew before you came along looking.
I hope you like the new paintings, it's great to be reunited with my first great love and discovering that I feel joy of doing it again. I stopped painting because I was tired and I was afraid I was going to be disenchanted and done with it, but the effect was quite the opposite, I'm happy experimenting and using new materials and so happy to be back painting!
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Thank you for this article. I found it very simple and helpful – a winning combination! I have only recently started my blog about my paintings and my writing, so I’m still feeling my way. Some useful tips here that I need to really considerContemporary Indian Art


So happy to hear you’re painting again. The new canvases are so beautiful, I love them!
Looking forward to seeing more soon, you are always so inspiring : )

Congratulations Danita on coming “home” to painting. I really enjoy your art. I have three of your originals and love them! I’ve missed seeing your wonderful interpretations of life. I hope you paint up a storm for us and have more to share soon.

Happy Spring,


Hi Danita-
Love your paintings!! Your artwork continues to inspire me.
Love that you take your art into so many different forms-
jewelry, dolls, painting—gorgeous!
Look forward to making dolls with you at Crescendoh later this month!

Jenelle Van de Mortel

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