So proud of my students!

I went to my favorite bookstore this weekend (early for a change!) and enjoyed a good deal of time looking at the latest magazines and enjoying a cup of coffee without dreading hearing the "The bookstore will close in 10 minutes" announcement over the PA system, kindly letting me know that I better get up before I get kicked out or locked in until the next morning (Not that I would mind that!)

Well, I was reading one of my favorite magazines, PRIMS by Somerset when I came across a wonderful, wonderful surprise! One of the dolls featured on the magazine had a familiar style and as I read the article I realized why. The doll was made by one of the students of my online class "A Doll Story" and she did such a pretty job that the wonderful editors at somerset decided to give her a space on the magazine. I'm so proud of you, Connie Fong!

My online workshop is a self paced class that you can take any time at your pace, with lots of instructional videos and guidance to create an amazing and personal art doll starting with a piece of blank muslin, we will learn how to sew, fill, decorate, paint and make handmade clothes for your creation. After you are done, you will be able to start your own Doll Story, and who know, maybe your work will be featured on a magazine too!

Interested already? You can read more details and sign up here on my online shop, and at the official site,

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