Back from the class!

Hello! I am back from my latest live class and it was so much fun! Meeting my students was a great experience, we had a lot of fun learning how to create a doll from scratch.
This class covered everything, from how to prepare the paper clay and sculpt it into a beautiful head, to making a soft body to dress with handmade clothes.
Making a doll is an intensive task of love. We carefully created the heads, arms legs and bodies with paper clay and then we created and stuffed our doll while we happily chatted and had a great time.
Teaching in person is always a wonderful experience, I love being able to interact with each of the students and see in person the way their work starts to develop into beautiful creations, and it's a lot of fun meeting new friends!
Meet princess Emily, a Danita Art doll handmade for her dollmaking class.
Princess Emily is one of the dolls I made for the class, and everyone loved to see a finished doll while they worked on their own beautiful dolls. she is now available on the shop if you are interested!
Frida also made a special appearance in my class, with a beautiful skull paper clay sculpted face. Everyone loved her and now she is living at studio Crescendoh, where our fantastic class was hosted.
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I love that Frida doll. It’s beautiful like so many of your others and I love how you did the hair with the flowers and ribbons. :)


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