Happy birthday to me!

A picture of me, Danita Art. I am a self taught mixed media artist, creator of beautiful original paper collage and acrylic paintings and amazing fabric and paper clay dolls. Visit my website at danitaart.com
Today it is my birthday and I am so glad to be able to celebrate another year of creativity and art making! I got so many birthday messages and good wishes that I felt I needed to thank you all on a blog post. It feels so nice to get so much love from around the world!
Me and my family had a nice day, we went for dinner to one of our favorite restaurants and we spend a nice afternoon walking around and visiting the bookstore.
It's been an amazing year. My paintings and dolls keep on improving and I am able to create ever more detailed and complex dolls that I am very proud of. I have been invited to participate teaching more classes and exhibiting in more galleries this year and this is very encouraging for a shy artist like me. I also launched my new website and online store that puts my blog, my store and previous work galleries in one place so you don't have to hop from website to website, and my Facebook friends continue to grow.
Also, my health is finally improving. I am feeling way much better that I felt last year, several of the scares that ended me on the ER last year are now long gone and overall, I feel better. Still a good way to go before being 100% OK, but believe me it's an improvement and that has started reflecting on my mood, and my art.
Here's to another year of great things, for you and for me. Thank you again for all the love you have sent me over the year, the emails and your personal messages. Your support always means a lot to me!
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Really wish you a good year, may life be gentle to you. Happy Birthday, Danita.


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