Showing my work on an Australian gallery!

This year has been full of wonderful surprises, and the last one came at the end of June, when one of my paintings is showing at Auguste Clown gallery in Australia, along with works from some of my favorite artists.

They invited me at the beginning of the year to participate in one of their exhibitions, 6x6, an exhibition of small works, and I set out to work on a series of paintings to choose my favorite. I had not painted in some time since I have been focusing in doll making for quite a while, and it was in all a very welcoming experience, going back to my first love, painting.

I had a hard time choosing my favorite and I finally shipped it, all I had to do was wait. I'm definitively not the most patient person in the world, and I was really nervous because I was going to be showing along a lot of artists that I look up to, so I was really worried on how my work was going to look next to theirs.

The opening day came, and I nervously clicked on the opening night photos. And there I was! And I felt so very proud when I saw my painting next to the rest. I was afraid she was going to look out of place, but I realized she belongs there in the gallery.

As an artist, it is very difficult to judge our work objectively, as sometimes we thing we are just not good enough. But this show has shown me that I create beautiful things, strong images that can tell you a story in a single frame and make you wonder what lead the character to that moment in her life, and what will happen next.

I am grateful for the recognition that, as an artist, I am worthy of showing with others, and that my art deserves to be seen and shared. This event comes in the middle of a very powerful and personal metamorphosis, I am changing in many ways and this validation has given me the courage and strength to keep going on my transformation.

If you are in Melbourne and you have a chance to drop by Auguste Clown Gallery, drop me a line! I'd like to see what you think of the painting when you see it up close! The painting will be there on display until July 5th, and if you can't assist but want to have it in your home, you can order prints from my shop :)



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Hi Danita
So happy for you. You deserve this.xx


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