Behind the scenes with Little Miss Bunny

An original bunny rabbit handmade artdoll by Danita Art

Little miss bunny is a beautiful doll with dark hair, ivory white skin and super fluffy ears. One of those rare pieces that turn out to be a self portrait in the end. Every artwork I make has a piece of me, but some end up with more than me than others.

It's not how we look, but how we see ourselves what's important, and as you can see, I am beautiful, with fluffy bunny rabbit ears and all.

Buy you know, her beauty did not come from a void and out of the sudden, there's a lot of work and effort involved in creating one of my dolls. Would you like to go behind the scenes to see everything that goes behind the curtain at Danita Art? Follow me!

All Danita Art Dolls start as handmade blanks that I keep on stock on my studio so I don't waste time when inspiration strikes.

I like to have lots of body blanks available for me to work on when inspiration strikes, so you will catch me stitching and sewing and filling when I am in one of my TV series binges.

The doll heads are made out of paper clay, hand sculpted by the skilled hands of Danita Art.

I really don't know when an idea will cross my mind, but when it does, I jump to the opportunity to create and I pick one of the blanks I had ready from my batches.

There's always some work in progress at Danita's studio. Be it a new doll, a painting or just art for fun, there's always something to enjoy.

I will try every outfit I can until I find the perfect look. As you can see here, she was going to start with a very elaborate dress in crimson and gold, but then there was something amiss, something that told me that that's not what she wanted to be.

Every Danita doll is hand painted with the sad and melancholic eyes that have become a signature of Danita's work.

So I tried and tried until I found the perfect fabric on my stash, a super cute fabric with a hand drawn bunny pattern. Her skirt was going to be a beautiful stripped fabric with the crimson tones I had in mind, but instead of gold I went for a creamy white.

Choosing the perfect fabric is always difficult, I need to try every single outfit on my mind until I am satisfied with my original art dolls. It's the Danita way.

Then comes the painting of the face. I used a beautiful light blue on here eyes and a pale pink for her parted lips. I felt like she needed to be a little less melancholic than my usual dolls, I was feeling on a more cheerful mood and by then the idea formed in the back of my mind that she was going to be a self portrait.

You can see beauty on every step of Danita's original art dolls.

I'm just like that, I actually never plan anything, I just go ahead and create art. I like to let my creations dictate who they want to be and my hands are a mere vessel for the whims of my creations, they are in control of who they will be and the terms on which that will be.

sometimes a doll with start in one way and on the way she will change to something totally different, just like miss bunny rabbit!

and then, just like that, one night she sprouted ears. She was done but there was something amiss, and that's when the realization that it was me that I was creating became unveiled. She HAD to have ears. And so she did.

The dolls at Danita's studio are always having a great time while they wait to be adopted by a lucky collector or art lover.

Once I finish a doll, I like to keep her around in the studio for some time. I play with her, let her tell me stories of her own invention and if there are other friends with them they play around, have tea parties and sleepovers among the art supplies and vintage books that you find everywhere in my studio shelves.

The photo shoot is very imporatant to get people looking to adopt an original Danita Art Doll to be interested in them.

And then comes the day of their glamour photo shoot. Every doll gets their final touches before getting ready to go in front of the camera for their official photos. We spend a good deal posing and illuminating them to give them a look matching their spirit and then they are ready to go on display on the store.

The final result of Danita's hard work is a beautiful, original and unique hand made art doll that you will love when you adopt her.

The process from start to finish can take a few days if I am in one of my art attacks, or sometimes weeks while I try out outfits, make sketches or review my sketchbooks looking for the perfect idea. But in the end, the final result is a soulful doll crafted with skill, quality, attention to detail and most important, lots of love by me.

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Thank you Christine! I’ve had that spray bottle for almost my entire career, it has become like that after being stained because of countless painting nights.


Thank you! I LOVE making dolls!


So beautiful… love our art!


Just love reading how you create your beautiful dolls. It is such a magical journey; thank you for sharing the voyage with us. You inspire us all.


your dolls are lovely. Their eyes show so much expression. Keep up the great work!!!


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