The ocean comes to Danita Art.

I have always been drawn to the ocean, it is a recurring theme on my paintings where you will find ocean waves, fish, paper boats and mermaids.

For my next gallery exhibit I was invited to participate on a show called "entre sueños de mar y olas de tela" (In between ocean dreams and fabric waves) at "El Viejo Zaguan" gallery in Guanajuato, Mexico.

I love the city and I haven't been there since I was in college, so I thought of it as a great opportunity to have my art visit a city I love.

The first painting is called "The knitter of the sea" and it's inspired by my dreams and fantasies of how the world works in my own world. On this painting, the goddess of the sea is knitting the ocean waves, and the sailors and navigators are at the mercy of her whims and moods.

I used vintage maps I have in my collections of collage papers for the background, and my alchemy of mixed media materials to create the ocean waves and her beautiful face.

The second painting is called "Mermaid in a bowl" and is a reflection of my emotions at the time when I was painting it. Sometimes I fell just like this mermaid in an aquarium, with no other way to go.

For her I used a beautiful button background that I covered in layers of paint and mixed media to create a very complex and detail background, over which I painted the beautifully whimsical mermaid girl.

Both prints are available today on my official website, You can get them with 50% OFF when you use coupon code SUMMER on your checkout screen. Remember that the rest of the paper and wood mounted prints are also availalbe with the coupon! See you there. Hurry! Sale ends on July 31st!


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Stunning. I love mermaids. The colors are just so soothing. Love these prints!


They’re absolutely gorgeous, Danita!! Love the dense color you’re using these days!!

Sue Allemand

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