I'm a celebrity chef at Festive Soul Food 2015!

This year I was invited by the amazing Mystele Kirkeeng to participate on her amazing art class, Festive Soul Food 2015 as her celebrity chef! I'm so honored to be named a celebrity (blush)

Me and 12 more art chefs will nourish your soul with amazing downloadable art projects for you to create and play with many different techniques and styles, if you are looking for a creative feast, then our 13 course dinner is what you need!

I'm so exited to be part of the class that I did something very unusual for me... I gave a video interview :)

Registration starts on August 10th and classes start on September 1st. You can read more about the fabulous chefs and enroll at the Official Festive Soul Food 2015 website.

And to make the feast even better, I am holding a giveaway for a spot in the class. All you have to do is leave a comment here on my blog telling me what nourishes your soul and makes you happy.

The giveaway ends on September 7th at midnight and I will announce the winner on September 8th.

See you in class!

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spending time with my kids, DIL’s and first grand baby refreshes my heart.

April Lopez

Sewing definitely nourishes my soul. All the way from the first idea to a finished piece gives me joy and contentment.


Late, late quiet nights with a cool breeze, a million stars, and a bright moon really does it for me…ahhhh!


Time spent alone nourishes me, and, for some reason, everyone leaves me alone while I’m arting, so that is usually my activity of choice!!


What nourishes my soul? My loving husband, faith in God, my family, my pets and God’s lovely creation which feeds my creativity again and again.

Sue Skene

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