Frida and the watercolors

This year I decided to travel more to get myself more experiences, and to look for inspirations and ideas on different places. This time, I visited Mexico city and made a pilgrimage to "La casa azul" (Frida's blue house) There is an exhibit with dresses that she wore and I just had to be there. I came back inspired and filled with an urge to get my hands on my paints and brushes to create.
If I haven't painted in a while, I will get my watercolor out and I will start experimenting with them, I love the way it swirls and runs on the paper and it always gets me in the mood to make beautiful things.
After a few practice Frida portraits (Available on my online shop) using only one color and one brush to challenge myself to make something with very little, I was ready to paint!
Everything starts with just scribbled lines on the paper to give myself an idea of what I want to paint, but I like it to be free and I will let the watercolors dictate what they want to do.
Once I have the sketch on paper, comes the hardest part for me... Choosing the color palette. It may sound silly, but that's what takes the most time for me... It could be days until I find the right color combination, and once I do, the painting starts to appear.
More details and colors are added, layer by layer until I get the perfect texture and color washes for a very rich and complex effect.
Then in the end, I add the skin tones for the body and face, more details to make it super beautiful and another painting is ready, and I am happy after getting the joy of painting :)
Then I step away for a while, leave it on my desk overnight and I go and grab a cup of coffee or something, and I will return after a few hours with a fresh mind and I love looking at it again! Then I send it for the formal photo shoot and it's ready for you to enjoy it!
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More Frida water color paintings, please. Thank you!

Pamela Carvajal Drapala

Oooh! Danita this is stunning! Love her! Hope she will have prints :)


Beautiful! I love the bright colors :)


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