Welcome to Darknita Art, the dark side of Danita

Depression has circled around me for the longest time, and I found that donning an armor of paint and using my scissors, needles and brushes as my weapons, I was able to keep the darkness at bay.

On my darkest hours my deepest fears, my darkest horrors and the most dreadful voices talk to me. When it begins, I feel the descent to darkness and there's noting I can do, except get ready to battle the dementors that will come after my soul.

Everything seems pointless and I just descend to a dark place where I have to battle my demons alone. I have tried many things, but science provided me nothing but foggy days and a numb soul that feels neither sorrow nor happiness.

The only weapon that proved to be effective in slaying my demons has been art. Jut like I let my dream world out into the open with my paintings, there is a world of nightmares that I unleash. I can art them into shape and I have absolute control of who they are, where they go and what they do. I become their master and I can decide their fate with the power of my hands.

The artwork you will find here is inspired by my darkest days, when nothing seems to matter and my demons, anxieties and fears take the best of me, so the themes are dark, and intensely personal. You will not find simple gore here, my mind can think of much worse things than just blood and primal fear. It can go way deeper than that with things that seem normal at first, until you look again.

It's a private world of sketchbooks and very personal pieces that live private and quiet lives on my studio shelves, until now. Today I share this world with you as my catharsis. They are out of my mind and into the world, and they can't harm anyone any more.

Their first experience into the outside world will be on a collective exhibit at Stranger Factory, in Albuquerque NM, starting on October 2nd and until November 1st.

Drop by if you have a chance to see the pieces up close. And if you are unable to visit the Gallery, you can see a preview of my work on my new store section,Darknita Art.

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Thank you so much for sharing. I really appreciate your openness and completely relate to how you feel. So many highly creative people go through this. At least we have our creative outlet to ground us to help keep us sane for the sake of our children. Thank you for your words and for making me feel I am not alone. Hugs.


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