Danita loves creating art dolls from rescued misfit toys from thrifty stores.
I had the bodies for these foxes waiting to be dressed in my studio for the longest time. They were sitting naked on a shelf, and last week I decided that now that the weather is getting cooler I decided it was time for them to get clothes and and knit scarves.
I really enjoy making tiny clothes and accessories for my dolls, and I want to share a bit of the process that went on creating the dolls.
Danita sews the clothes for her handmade art dolls by hand
I create the clothes for my dolls by hand, cutting tiny pieces of fabric and then hand stitching them to create the perfect outfit that will match the personality of each one of the dolls.
Fitting the hand made clothes on my dolls as daunting as fitting them on a grownup, but I love doing it. 
You can see that I put a lot of effort on each of my dolls. I do fitting sessions like the ones you would have with a tailor, and I really love adding details like tiny buttons on their clothes.
Danita really loves working on detailed clothes for her dolls. This one has a real denim overall that can be removed if you wish.
I really like to make their clothes detailed, I love the big stitches I used to make the overall look more detailed and just like as it was made by a child for her toys.
After the doll is dressed, it's time for Danita to paint beautiful faces on her mixed media art dolls.
And then, after all the clothes have been fit, it's time for me to start painting their faces my usual alchemy of mixed media materials, like acrylics, oils, pastels, pencils and much more to create my signature shabby dolls with sweet and expressive eyes.
Almost done with my mixed media art dolls, I finished them with hand knit scarves. Beautiful art dolls by Danita Art.
Just after I finished their faces, I felt like they needed something extra, so I gave them hand knit scarves to keep them warm while they walk out on the cold winter days.
This beautiful spun cotton fox art doll was created by Danita Art using a rescued toy from a thrifty store.
And then, all is left is to photograph them for their official photo shoots for the publicity and their store listings, so I head out to my photo studio and get the cameras going.
A beautiful pair of handmade art dolls created with mixed media art materials and recycled toys that were discarded on thrifty stores.
And that's it! After all that work, they are ready to be adopted by you. You can see them on more detail here and here, they are ready for you to give them a furever home.

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