Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving from your favorite bunny, Danita Art
Hi! I hope you are having a very nice thanksgiving with your loved ones, enjoying family and friends near you.
This year, I am thankful for art in my life. In lieu of the horrible events that have happened around us, it's good to remember that there are beautiful things that make the world a better place.
I already live in a place where more bad than good things happen, where there was a time where I was actually afraid to see my husband go out to work and not knowing if he was going to come back, and where I was even afraid to go out because something horrible could happen to me.
And on those times, is when I created some of the most beautiful art I have created. I felt compelled to make the world a more beautiful place, with things innocent and pure that could share some of the love left in the world and make it grow.
Creating has kept me sane inside all that madness, and made me feel protected within my little world. And I am thankful for that.
And I want you to be thankful for the beautiful things that surround you, the love of your family, the warmth of your home and the sweet gaze of your pet. Because we are already blessed with the most beautiful thing in the world... The ability to create love out of nowhere, and let it multiply and go out in the world to make it a beautiful place.
Happy thanksgiving!
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Your work reflects the kindess and good in your heart. I love to see your newest pieces, they always make me smile!


Beautiful Just As You Are…your Valued And Appreciated For The Love You Give Thru Your Art


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