Danita's Bunnies in Wonderland showing in New York

This month I was invited to participate on the December Toy Show at MF Gallery in their Brooklyn showroom. All the pieces will be for sale if you are interested, get in touch with them via email (info@mfgallery.net) or by phone at 917-446-8681. You can also send me an email to danita@danitaart.com to purchase one of the pieces!
Want to see the fantastic pieces inspired by Wonderland that I created for their show? Keep reading :)
Alice is going down the rabbit hole in this original mixed media assemblage by Danita Art
Darknita and I tumbled down the rabbit hole and we discovered how far it goes. Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, I created a series of spun cotton bunny rabbits.
A beautiful up cycled plastic doll with a spun cotton head and beautiful, soul piercing eyes by Danita Art. From her Darknita Art series.
Every doll in this collection started out their life as a discarded toy I found on a thrifty store. I saw their clothes and little bodies and I knew that I could bring them back to life , reborn in my own private world.
The white rabbit is reinterpreted as a cute but dark bunny by the crafty hands of Danita in her fantastic Bunnies in Wonderland series
The white rabbit is now a bunny in my own particular style, sporting a black smoking, striped pants and his iconic big clock.
His clock is bent and out of shape, giving you a hint of the madness that will unleash once you go down to Danita's wonderland.
The mad hatter is now a cute and deranged fluffy bunny rabbit crafted by the mixed media hands of Danita, in her bunnies in Wonderland series, inspired by Alice in Wonderland
The mad hatter is also here, in his mad tea party with Alice and the hare, tans formed into little paper cuts next to him.
Bunnies in Wonderland, an Alice inspired series by Danita Art is an amazing display of skill and imagination, transforming ordinary plastic dolls into works of art.
He is sporting a beautiful top hat, and his eyes have a strong, soul piercing quality to them that will mesmerize you when you lock eyes with him.
The red queen rules over all her bunnies in Danita's Alice bunny rabbits
The red queen rules over all her bunny rabbit pheasants and playing card soldiers with her heart shaped scepter and her heart covered dress.
Of course, the red queen is wearing her crown on this example of Danita's mixed media art dolls
And of course, the red queen is wearing a handmade crown in her head, and holding her glitter covered scepter, made just for her by me.
Alice's caterpillar is also part of the deranged bunnies in wonderland art doll collection by Danita Art
The caterpillar was a very interesting challenge to make, I had to modify the original body to add an extra pair of arms.
Spun cotton brings to life an amazing caterpillar scene from Alice in Wonderland on this art doll by Danita Art
I used spun cotton for everything on this doll, from his soft and chubby green caterpillar body covering the original plastic doll, to the smoke rising from all his smoking.
The Cheshire Cat also got the Danita treatment on this mixed media assemblage by Danita Art
Last, but not least... The Chesire cat!
Madness lurks in darkness on this Cheshire Cat interpretation art doll by Danita Art
Someone told me that my art is cute and pretty at first sight, but when you look again, you can see glimpses of dark secrets hidden inside the paintings and dolls. And when I showed this image to one of my best friends, he said "In darkness, lurks madness"
And they are kind of right. Everything I love lives on my paintings and dolls, but also my fears and anxieties sweep in without me knowing. And I let them be, for they make me who I am.
I am really really happy how this whole series turned out, if you are in the Brooklyn area this month, make sure you drop by MF Gallery to see them in person and maybe take one home with you.
if you go see them, make sure you drop me a line and tell me what you think. And if you can't attend, let me know what do you think of them anyways! I wish I could hear you in person, but for now until they invent a teleporting machine to visit you, an email will have to do. :)
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These are wonderful! I especially like the caterpillar and the wisps of smoke…great job on these art dolls!


These are most amazing. The faces are so mesmerizing. Thanks for sharing your art with us.

Happy Holidays.



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