From creepy to adorable

Adorable snowmen art dolls got a transformation under the lens of Danita Art


One of my first winter collections for 2015 was a series of adorable snowmen, created from vintage plastic toys found at a thrifty store. I picked them and immediately saw their potential, they could be great art dolls if I swapped their heads for spun cotton heads, and painted them beautiful eyes and grinny grins. However, during the initial Photoshoot, this happened...

A creepy snowman lurks in darkness at Danita's art studio

I still was in the mood for darker and grittier images, suitable for the two gallery shows I had at the beginning of December, MF Toy Show in NY and Stranger Factory's Winter Salon V. As you can see, the images have a very gritty mood, and my clients told me they look very sinister on those pictures.

So, I did a reshoot, doing a complete change of scenery for a more festive and cheerful look, with lots of light and light colors. Here he is again:

Much friendlier and joyful, right? I learned a very important lesson here, catering to your audience and listening to what your fans have to say. By creating a much more friendlier image for the products, I got a much more positive response from them.

It is actually the same doll, the only thing that changed was how I shot it, and it wasn't hard, just picking up a few props from my home like glass spheres and a very nice holiday paper for the background did wonders.

You can see the whole snowmen collection in a lighter mood on my original doll section. What do you think of the change? Did it change your impression on the dolls I showed to you before?



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