Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone, and it's time to be thankful for everything that happened on 2015.

I got to see my youngest kid go to his first day of school, a day full of contradicting emotions where I felt happy to see him gain a bit more of independence, but sad because he's growing up.

My daughter is growing up so fast too, I see her achieve great things at school and Icfeel so proud to see how much she has learned in the past year.

My health was much better this year! Finally many of the problems that chased me last year are finally going away and I am feeling much much better, yay!

My art is also growing, I had the chance to show at a few exhibits in several galleries in the US and Australia and I have great plans for what's coming next.

And of course, you. I could not be an artist without your support, your encouraging comments and your patronage. It makes me very happy to see that my work can brighten up a day and you brighten mine when you let me know I did.

May this 2016 bring happy times, lots of love, beautiful things and lots to be thankful for every day.

Happy new year!



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Thank you Danita for bringing so much beautiful art to this world! It always makes me happy to see your creativity.

maria m

HAPPY 2016! I could it a blessing to have you as my friend. Hugs from too far away.

Karen from Canada

We all appreciate you as an artist and your beautiful insight on creating lovely things for us to see! Have a tremendously wonderfully bright new year!!!~Rene’e Crowell

Rene'e Crowell

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