Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Have a very happy Valentine's Day from Danita Art
Aaaahh.. The National holiday to celebrate love and our loved ones, and one of my favorite days too! I love to see people walking around with balloons, giant teddy bears, flowers and more. So beautiful!

I am a hopeless romantic and I love to be pampered with a nice dinner, chocolates, hugs, kisses and more... But I know how crowded things can get on V-Day, and on a Sunday? No thanks.

Mr. Danita gave me a very nice book (I'll blog about it soon, because it its my favorite book in the whole world) and chocolates, and after sleeping in after very late, we decided to head out to the mountains for a nice walk in the snow.
Cloudcroft, NM is one of my favorite places to go and hike, and it was a hoot! The snow was knee deep in some places and for my youngest kid It was waist deep, so he hopped on like a little bunny while my daughter was throwing snowballs. Mr. Danita showed us how to make snow angels and I just enjoyed the cold weather and the powdery snow on a fun day.

Back home I watched a version of Alice in Wonderland in bed with everyone and enjoyed some takeout Chinese food from our favorite restaurant.

It may not be the greatest romantic day for a lot of people, but to me it was perfect. Spending time and going back to being a kid with the ones I love really beats an expensive dinner in a crowded restaurant any day.... But I will surely cash my check for a fancy dinner once the crowds are gone!
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