Dolls are made of lace, ribbon and everything nice.

I got into doll making again, I have a project that involves dolls coming soon and I need to warm up before I really start getting into making new dolls.

So, to get started I chose a simple but challenging project. Using the least amount of materials, I was going to create lovely dolls to play with for a while.


Muslin hand crafted art dolls in progress, on the table of mixed media artist Danita Art

I sewed small fabric bodies, got my hands on some lace that I dyed by hand and some ribbon I had laying around and set to work.

Hand dyed muslin art dolls created by Danita Art, using vintage lace and colored pencils for their lovely faces.


A simple wrap dress in lace and a ribbon on their necks makes their outfits, and the challenge was to use only colored pencils for their faces. After some time of tinkering and working with them, they were ready!

I really like how they came up, they reminded me a lot of my childhood and how I made dolls with simple things. I did not have a lot to work with when I was a kid so I got creative and used what I had at hand to make my dolls.


A lovely mini art doll, created by Danita Art using simple materials like felted wool, hand dyed lace, ribbon and colored pencils for their lively faces.

All this playing brought me back lovely memories of a simple time when everything was fun, and I have been playing with them since I finished while they wait on my table to be adopted by a kind soul.

I really hope they too can bring you to a happy place when you adopt them, I like to think that my dolls are doing good things for their new adoptive parents and that they will be part of a very happy family.

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