Coloring with Frida!

Coloring with Frida!

A Frida Kahlo inspired coloring book page, created by international mixed media artist and doll maker Danita Art

Hi there!

Lately my family and me have started collecting coloring books. We find pulling our crayolas and colored pencils while we fill in one of the book pages with colors very relaxing and a great family activity to bond with the kids.

In the beginning I was a little reluctant to color in them. After all, my artist's soul was not very comfortable with the fact that someone else was going to dictate what I created, that I had to conform to following the lines and that my end product was not really mine.

But then I started after I saw my daughter totally absorbed with one of her books and I joined in. Picking up the crayolas and smelling them brought me back to my childhood days, I felt happy, relaxed and ended up having a great afternoon bonding with her.

The next day my son joined us for another session with color pencils, and he had a blast! Seeing him put color on every frame, concentrated on choosing the perfect hue free of any inhibition that held him back made me realize that it's still a very creative activity, and a very meditative one too.

You just start moving the pencil to fill an area and every other thought goes away, and then you finish the space, contemplate for a moment the next color to use and then move on. Now I understand why the like doing it so much.

So, I decided to give creating coloring pages a go. I took a marker and started doodling on a piece of paper, with no particular intention on mind, just like I usually do when I want to warm up for painting, and Frida appeared. and then another, and another and another until I filled the page.

Now it's yours to color! Want to give it try? Just click on the image and save it to your computer. It's free to use and share as many times as you want as long as you don't modify it or try to gain any profit from it.

Enjoy! And remember to share with me what you did on My Facebook Page and on instagram with #coloringwithdanita



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I love, love, LOVE…you art and adore your frida kahlo coloring page. I have traced your some of images and embroidered them on tea towels, and a peasant shirt for my niece. Friends have asked me to embroidered towels for them, and want to pay me. Is that okay? I wasn’t sure and want to do the right thing. They are aware the drawings of the, oh so very cute fridas, are your creation. Please let me know, Vicki


How sweet of you…thanks!


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