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Prima Marketing Watercolor Confections Review

And now the review of my favorites of all: Watercolor Confections. They come in 3 different sets and it's so hard to choose a favorite. First, the Classics, which would be my weapon of choice if I had to pick between the three of them.  The tropicals are so pretty too, and they have my favorite color: Turquoise.  The pans are numbered instead of having names and they run from 1 to 36, with 12 on each set. And the third set is the Decadent Pies.  Perfect for when you need more subtle colors and shimmer. I'm going to be testing all the products in the Prima Watercolor paper and using the Watercolor brushes.  Whenever I get a new set...

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Prima Marketing Watercolor Products. Watersoluble Oil Pastels Review

The other day I was thinking about sharing reviews of many of my art supplies with you, specially the watercolor ones because I usually go through a process every time that I get new stuff which consists on taking everything out and make color swatches on a journal. I like to do that, specially with watercolor products because they tend to look very differently in the palette than they do on paper and it's super useful to have that info on hand and try them out so you can make better and informed choices when you are going to make an art piece. Also because there are so many products out there is so hard to choose which ones to...

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