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Art should be touched.

I have been working non stop on my dolls lately. Once again I was overtaken by the irresistible desire to create, to use my hands to make something I can touch and play with it. The power I feel when my hands create little characters that come to life as I move their hands and tilt their heads from side to side is an incredible feeling, being overtaken by creation is an amazing experience. The result of my sleepless nights is here, ready to go out into the world. Just like the bird mother is ready to let her chicks extend their wings and let them fly for the first time, I feel the same fear and excitement when I...

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Belle, because "A Huevo"

Belle is my latest art doll and the beautiful result of my evolution as an artist. I love change, and I can't stay on the same place for too long or I will just wither out of boredom. That keeps my art in constant evolution and it makes me challenge myself every time, that is a blessing because it allows me to learn more and more things and I love the feeling of dawning when you finally get something. But then, it's also a curse. The urge to challenge me more and more can lead to days and weeks of frustration when something just does not come out right the way I envision it in my head. Who knows how...

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