Halloween and Day Of The Dead connected us with the mystical and the spirit world.

I love both celebrations, they link the tangible with the invisible, the physical world with the spirits and the living with the dead. The contrast and juxtaposition of things touches my soul, and that inspired me to create a new collection of ceramic vases, and for the first time, candle holders and tea light lamps.

I had the idea of creating ceramic pieces that interacted with light for a while, but I had worked on it that much until I saw the candlelit scenes everywhere when I walked around houses in Halloweens and offerings on Day Of The Dead.

Then I knew what to do, so I took my clay and I started sculpting the vintage doll head vases that you love so much. I carved an opening on a few of them to be able to place a burning tea light or a candle inside.

After that, I started poking little holes on them, and creating slits where the light form the burning flame will shine trough. And while I was at that, I also created smaller heads to hold full size candles, and a couple of incense stick burners. 

I am fascinated by flames and smoke, I can stare at them for hours and I will get into a kind of trance where I am traveling in between worlds, so I knew I was going to love the results.

After that, they go into the kiln for their first trial by fire, and if they survive the first burning, I glazed and decorate them so they are ready for the second, high temperature burn.

They will stay there for 8 hours as the glazes mature and turn their beautiful final always colors and then they could down for a day.

And then, after all that work, I get to see the final pieces. And like I told you, I loved them! They have very nice glazes and mystical themes like the all seeing eye, the moon and her phases and snakes, the symbol of rebirth in many cultures.

You can see the complete collection on the NEW ARRIVALS section on my shop. I will keep them in my shelf while you adopt them, and I know that once you see them, they will not stay there for long!

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