Every time I finish a collection, I like to take time to look at them and wonder how I made them, and really, I mean I really wonder how I made them.

How is it possible that I could take simple cotton, paint, wire and glass and created these Pieces. I know it sounds weird, because I made them, but I cannot stop wondering how is it that I made them.

As a viewer, you look at the work of art and enjoy it or criticize, or even mock it because it was not of your liking and don’t think much about it. But believe me, there is much more behind the piece that what meets the eye.

Artists go trough the agony of creation all the time. We have this perfect idea in our minds, concepts that look beautiful as an idea, and we know that the physical limitations of our mediums and our abilities will work against bringing the work into fruition.


I have this conundrum all the time. For every piece that I create, I go thought the torment of imperfect existence, weighed against the horror of no creating.

Because for me, art is creation. And creation means putting a bit of yourself on everything you make. It’s probably the only profession where the things your produce reflect your own being, your ideas and your emotions and you know you will be judged for them.

No one criticizes the character of a software engineer because their code is ugly, as long as it works. You criticize the quality of their output, but never their personality, or their personal life and history, right?

Presenting our work to the work is an act of courage and trust. We send our creations into the world and we hope that they will be well received, loved and appreciated because of all the work, sweat and soul we put into them. It’s scary.

But I keep on doing it, and I keep on sharing the process because I like you to see everything that goes into all I make. It’s those little bits and pieces and glimpses into my inner life that I share with you with every instagram reel and facebook post.

I want to share a little of my intimate work and let you in my life so we can feel closer. If I could, I would welcome you to my studio so we could chat as I work, but alas, this is the best we can do for now.

Do you like to see me share my process? Would you like to see more of it? Maybe even teaching you how to do it? Let me know what do you think about me sharing the process and letting you in my world in your comments, I’d love to hear what you think.



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I love all of your creations and knowing all the love you pour into each piece. I would love to see how you make such beautiful art 🎨 😍 ✨️


I love all of your creations and knowing all the love you pour into each piece. I would love to see how you make such beautiful art 🎨 😍 ✨️


Your art is amazing !incredibly talented ! I’d love to see more of the process and classes

Dawn E Lorusso

I would love to see. I love your creations.


I would love to see and know more about your process.


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