A kokeshi art doll handmade by Danita. Easter bunny rabbits with paper clay sculpted ears want to live with you this Spring time!

ALLIUM. A handmade kokeshi easter rabbit bunny doll by Danita.

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You know I am always looking for excuses to create little wood kokeshi dolls collections! They are perfect because I love working on projects at the time and I rarely visit one of the projects, so these collection are perfect for me because I can make a collection while keeping them fresh and exclusive, and it's always such a thrill to work with them. I love to make each one individually unique, with it's own personality.

Since Spring has sprung early here at Danita Art, I decided to create a pack of wild Easter kokeshi bunny rabbit dolls, and they have made my shop their home while they are waiting to be adopted. This year, they asked me if I could paint flowers and leaves with ink on their wooden bodies to make them even more special.

Don't worry, they may be wild but they can easily be tamed with love and candy bribes. They are already taking over my heart, and I am sure each one of them will steal your heart too.

See more of these beautiful dolls on my online shop, danitaart.com and choose your favorite, Don't walk, run to the shop before they hop hop hop to their forever homes!