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I was thinking about the beautiful semiprecious stone, emerald, while I was doodling, and I wondered how would it look if one day it turned into a woman. Se turned out seductive, attractive and mysterious. And you can see the traces of real minerals on the paints I used for her gold and green details on her hair.

The original mixed media paintings by Danita Art are coveted by collectors all over the world, and sometimes they sell really fast. If you missed one of your favorite original art, you can treat yourself to a very high quality paper print on matte art paper to place on your favorite frame.

If you prefer ready to mount wall art, I also offer wood mounted paper prints, with the same high quality that reproduces each little detail of the original painting, mounted on a pre-drilled wood block that you can hang on your favorite wall.

Choose from the different options and sizes offered on my shop and take your favorite print home.

*All my prints are printed with high quality fade resistant inks, amazing paper and ship with lots of love :)