Original Ghost Kokeshi halloween mini art doll by Danita. Adorable handmade peg dolls, great home decor.

Halloween Kokeshi Art Doll by Danita - MADE TO ORDER

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It's Halloween! And it's my favorite season of the year... And one of the Danita Art traditions is the Kokeshi mini art doll collection.

This year the initial collection got sold out in minutes... Thank you!!!! So I am making a reservation listing so that you can choose your own doll that will be made to order.

Choose your favorite doll style from the menu and I will create it for you.

Each doll is handmade from a wooden kokeshi mini doll blank, carefully hand painted and decorated using air dry clay to sculpt their faces, and mixed media techniques to decorate them.

My famous melancholic eyes are featured on each of these dolls, they have their very own personality and each of them is unique.

They are totally hand made by me, so there is a limited supply for them in order to keep them as beautiful as you expect. Please keep that in mind and reserve yours with time so you can receive them in time for Halloween!