Danita original wooden kokeshi art doll. Home decor Halloween vampire bat girl mini figurine, perfect to decorate desks and shelves. Collectible items from Danita!

HANNAH THE VAMPIRE BAT - Danita Halloween hand made minifig. A Kokeshi wood peg doll handmade by Danita

Kokeshi wood dolls are now a tradition for me, I make them every holiday and Halloween is my favorite.

Hannah the vampire bat girl started out like a wooden peg doll, hand painted and sculpted with air clay to turn her into a beautiful vampire bat girl, including her black wings and a super cute jack-o-lantern in her hands to go out this Halloween night.

Miniature art dolls by Danita are perfect to add an artsy touch to your desk, table or your favorite shelf, and with their size, it's easy to start a collection... He could be the first for you!