2020 ACEO Mini Desk Calendar

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This is the 2020 Danita Art Mini Calendar.

12 Printed ACEO Art Cards (2.5 x 3.5 Inches) with my favorite pieces of last year in super adorable matte prints to put in your desk, your office or your home.

Place it anywhere where you need a tiny calendar that does not take too much space with the optional* vintage toy wood block I procure every year to go with them.

Danita's 2020 Mini Calendar will remind you of important dates and events and inspire you through the year and will arrive neatly wrapped in a cute vintage style package, ready to prop it or give it away... It's a wonderful stocking filler! And once you are done with each month as the year goes by, the cards can be kept as little art prints, bookmarks or part of your very own art projects :)



* Please keep in mind that the woodblock is selected RANDOMLY. They are in extremely low quantities this year and I will not be able to fill special requests. Nevertheless, I promise you that your little block will be beautiful.