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Danita created a handmade art doll in cloth fabric and paper clay, based on the shōjo manga and TV series, Candy Candy (キャンディ・キャンディ) with beautiful, big green eyes and blonde hair pony tails.

Well, this doll really, really means a lot to me. She's based on my first experience with Anime. In Mexico she was called Candy Candy and it defined my childhood. If you have seen her or read the manga books, you know exactly what I mean.

She has very unique eyes, with more sparks than usual and the result is just beautiful, her big green eyes just spark with life and love. Candy is wearing her famous red and white stripped dress with very fluffy underpants, and her boots are just to die for!

They are white with black tips, and the laces are hand painted, as well as the rest of the details on her body and face. And did you see the super cute bow behind her? Squeee!

She also has her trusty raccoon friend, I thought she would never be complete without it. If you are a fan of Candy Candy just like I am, you are really going to love this doll.

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