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Drink me: Alice in Wonderland

Drink me: Alice in Wonderland

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Danita created a new Alice in Wonderland handmade art doll, this time with big expressive gray eyes, super curly blonde hair, a black bow and a blue dress.

Continuing with my series of Alice in Wonderland creations, this time I went with the more popular look for Alice, with a blue dress and flowing, long blonde hair. She is holding a bottle filled with mica that says "Drink Me" just like the one she used when she was trapped with the doorknob in the Lewis Carroll book.

Alice measures approx. 16 inches tall, and was made with lots and lots of love. She is looking for a forever home with a garden to explore with you when both of you drink from the magical bottle and get super tiny and look for talking caterpillars on your garden.

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