Original watercolor painting by Danita. It is a watercolor painting turned into the most beautiful posable paper doll. What adventures will you and this art doll when you hold her in your hands?

Original watercolor art doll painting by Danita - The magician

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Since I was child I have been obsessed with dolls. Paper dolls that you could cut and then set and dress in a million ways. I would take old JC Penney catalogs an cut the dresses for my dolls.

Inspired by those memories, I created this art doll. It started out as an original watercolor painting, made in ink and fine artist's pigments. I cut it by hand, then added eyelets for joints and she was ready.

The doll measures approx. 9 inches tall, made with artist's gate watercolor paper and she can be placed on a frame to keep this original work of art safe.