Danita calls herself Darknita in Halloween and she starts painting beautiful mixed media artwork, art dolls, paintings and whimsical home decor to adorn walls.

CANDY CORN GIRL. Danita mixed media Halloween round painting.

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Candy corn is something I really miss as soon as Halloween candy appears on the store. Specially the chocolate one. And I always make paintings, dolls and kokeshi dolls with this theme, I love the colors!

You are looking at an original halloween painting by Danita Art, 8 x 8 inches mixed media on a round canvas.

The painting has Danita's beautiful blue eyes, a black candy brooch and a palette of colors that will look amazing on any Halloween decoration you have in your home and office.

When Halloween season approaches, Danita calls herself Darknita and she starts creating whimsical paintings to celebrate her favorite holiday. Her paintings feature her known girls with lively eyes and whimsical faces, and the element of horror, mystery and whimsical creatures are subtly added to Danita's original art creations.