Danita original jewelry photographer collage wearable art
The photographer is a beautiful image set in cute earring jewelry by Danita
Original jewelry is created by Danita with her whimsical and surreal mixed media images
A beautiful wearable piece of art by Danita, tiny earrings with her mixed media paintings.
Danita original jewelry features clear crystals that shimmer in the light of the day
A beautiful vintage look compliments the handmade jewelry earrings made by Danita Art

The photographer earrings

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A tribute to the people who love to take pictures, Danita painted this image in her famous mixed media paper collage techniques, with a whimsy and mystery allure that only she can give to her paintings.

The earrings feature a clear crystal bead over a scalloped metal setting with a fine reproduction of Danita's mixed media painting.

If there is a photographer in your life, this will be a very much appreciated gift, unique and one of a kind.