Danita original handmade ring. A wearable piece of art featuring a circus girl with secrets to share if you are worthy of her mysteries.

The discovery square ring

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Danita uses her surreal mixed media images on different materials and places, like the beautiful handmade adjustable ring. Because art is not just for walls.

I created this image for a circus themed art exposition in Australia, and it's been one of my favorite images ever since. It reminded me of how I discovered secrets within myself that I did not imagine where there as I transitioned from a child to a woman during my teens.

The girl has many secrets and is subtly inviting you to discover them with you, if you are the right one worthy of peeking in the tent.

Something i love about this image is that it's not evident on first look. Anyone not paying attention will see a whimsical image and not much more, until you begin to look and not just watch.

The ring measures approx. 1" wide, colored in antique brass patina and its adjustable to many ring sizes.