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Alice and friends

Alice and friends

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I made this mixed media painting as practice for my new online class EVER AFTER 2017, where I talk about my personal style, what moves me to paint and I demo a beautiful painting, DRINK ME as a 3 hour class. 

This painting is part of the practice sessions I made to get ready for the class, and now I am offering as part of my Alice in Wonderland series.

The painting is made in mixed media techniques over a thick gallery style wood panel, using acrylics, pastels, pencils, watercolors, paper collage and more. It measures 8x10 inches, and the sides are decorated in beautiful black patina.

If you are a collector of my art, or an Alice in Wonderland fan, this painting with Alice, the cheshire cat, the white bunny rabbit and the mad hatter is a perfect addition to your collection!

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