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An ocean in a teapot - Original Painting

An ocean in a teapot - Original Painting

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All the surreal images that live in my mind have inspiration from somewhere. A book I read, something I lived, or something I heard my kids say. I dreamed about this girl while I was reading "The ocean at the end of the lane", the image of a girl holding a whole ocean in a teacup just called to me, and it became a beautiful mixed media painting.

This is an original painting by me, mixed media artist Danita Art. Made on a 6"x6" wooden canvas, the painting has a mix of elements and materials that creates a beautiful vintage and weathered ambiance that gives this original piece a mysterious look. An interesting take, because it's a collage of originals. I made the girl in watercolor and gouache first, then applied her to the mixed media background. Take a look at the closeup details to discover rich textures, beautiful paper applications, delicate brushstrokes and pages from vintage books from the early 20th century. Everything combines to create a one of a kind piece of art made with acrylics, oils, watercolors, pastels, pencils and a ton of love.

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