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Fluffy bunny

Fluffy bunny

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Another fantastic Danita handcrafted art doll. This time a bunny rabbit with dark hair and ears is very happy to hop along in her adventures in the woodlands. Danita ia bunny herself, so you can say that this is a self portrait doll creation.

Her hair and ears are made of real needle felt wool, sculpted with a needle and given a very fluffy appearance. She is sporting a beautiful skirt with vintage rabbit graphics and a lacy cuffed blouse, everything created from scratch.

Her head and face are made using paper clay with techniques and secrets that only Danita knows how to make to get her beautiful lively eyes and facial features come to life on her art dolls.

Little miss fluffy bunny will be more than happy to go live on a home that will appreciate the love and craftsmanship Danita puts on each one of her one of a kind doll creations.

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