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I am a music fan, and sometimes listening to a song will inspire me to create beautiful things. That happened when I was listening to a song by the Lumineers. I just had to make a doll from that song, and that's how Darlene was born.

She is an art doll, completely handmade from scratch by me, Danita Art. Everything on her is hand crafted, from her soft fabric body, to her fluffy clothes.

Her electric blue hair is made from natural wool I styled and set just for her, to give her a very special look that is accessorized by a huge bow in the same fabric as her dress.

Once you set you eyes on her beautiful baby blue eyes that catch the sunlight and shine back with glistening, you will fall in love with her and her expressive and carefully carved nose and lips.

Her hands and hand painted boots are made from porcelain I pour on my studio using vintage molds, and each one is very unique.

Actually, everything in Darlene is unique, one of a kind. Won't you love to adopt her and take her home with you?

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