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You are looking at a original Alice in Wonderland inspired glazed ceramic sculpture by Idania Salcido, the artist behind Danita Art.

Alice tumbles down the rabbit hole in this artful coffee mug with lid. Alice's dress has glazed inside and outside details, while the lid is the hem of her dress, hand sculpted and detailed. Glazed with food grade materials, you can use it as your favorite morning coffee mug, or at your very own made tea party. Just remember, this is a hand wash only item.

Each piece of this Alice in Wonderland interpretation starts as a lump of clay and water that becomes a detailed sculpture in my hands, and gets hand painted and glazed before it goes into my kiln for a trial by fire.

After enduring and surviving temperatures above 1000 Celsius (1800 F) where fire and air complete their alchemy transformation, they emerge as beautiful shiny ceramic pieces, ready to be displayed on your favorite shelf, your dinner table or your heirloom showcase display.

Either way you choose to show them at your home or office, they will be very happy to be adopted and will bring all the love and happiness I used when I created them to you, and will put a smile on your face when they warm your heart.

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