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Danny, the fluffy bunny

Danny, the fluffy bunny

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Autumn is slowly creeping in. Leaves have started to fall, grass has started to turn yellow and the days are getting longer. This change of season never fails to get me in the mood to create, and inspired by the kid on one of my favorite books, "Where the wild things are", I decided to create a set of art dolls to go with the Autumn woodlands theme. Bunnies, bears, foxes and owls will populate my woodlands as they go around Danitaland, getting ready for winter collecting nuts and food for their long sleep.

The dolls are made entirely by me, mixed media artist Danita. I start with a 7" handmade fabric doll, then I used needle felting techniques with real wool on their bodies to give them their super cure fur.

And to finish everything, I used my acrylic paints and color pencils to give them their lively, beautiful eyes and faces.

You can get them alone to display on your favorite shelf, or maybe your desk, or get the whole set and have wonderful woodland adventures with all of them. Play lightly with them when they arrive to your door in nice gift wrapping ... I did while I was taking photos, and we had the most wonderful of times!


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